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Weather All Storms with Our Attic Sealing and Weatherstripping Services

Looking to install, seal, and protect your attic with the right kind of weather stripping? Think of Me and My Van Home Repair as your trusted handyman.
Many people go the DIY route when it comes to sealing the attic hatch—a big mistake. Why? Because an inappropriately sealed attic hatch can let your hard-earned dollar go right out the ceiling (pun not intended).
Another issue people face when sealing an attic is selecting the wrong kind of weatherstripping. Plus, sealing the attic hatch requires you have to a couple of tools at hand, such as weatherstripping, a rigid foamboard, water-based construction adhesive, measuring tape, faced fiberglass insulation, a utility knife, and so on. Unless you have these items at home, sealing an attic hatch will not be possible.
Unknown to many, the weatherstripping that you choose to seal your attic entrance depends on how big the gap is. Just going by 'feel' will not cut it. Our experienced experts can help you select the right kind of weatherstripping to help seal the air from going in and out of the attic entrance. Moreover, when it comes to installing the attic cover, you need to get the job done right, or you risk letting the radiant heat filter into your home, turning it into a heat chamber.
This is why you need the 'touch' of an expert. So, connect with us to seal your attic hatch the right way and weatherstrip so that you can benefit from energy savings and a cool as well as comfortable home environment.


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