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Enjoy Hassle-Free "TV Dinners" with Our High-Quality TV Mounting Services!

Did you know that a staggering 70% of people want to wall-mount their TVs but refrain from doing so because of all the drilling and work involved?
While the process can seem intimidating and complex for any homeowner, it is second nature for our team of professionals at Me and My Van Home Repair.
Drilling holes in your home's wall can leave a dent in your heart (and your home's foundation if not done correctly). Plus, all the wires and cables can turn into a tangled, messy affair if they are not sealed and tied together properly.
If you've got a brand-new TV and are excited to set it up in your home's living room, get in touch with our TV mounting professionals, who will get the job done in no time at all.
Our experts will help you choose the right wall mount you must install so that it can hold the weight of your TV. We can also provide customized recommendations such as a titled TV mount or ones that swivel, allowing you to hang the TV up high while still having a great viewing angle. We will also suggest the right height at which your TV should be mounted on the wall so you don't end up straining your eyes or neck.
If all of this doesn't sound like a DIY project, don't sweat it. Consult with our team and get your TV mounted without worrying about it falling or damaging your wall.


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