Why Me and My Van Home Repair?

Don't Let the Curb Cracks Dent Your Home's Value

Looking for a thorough, professional company that can provide driveway and sidewalk repair and replacement services? Don't think beyond Me and My Van Home Repair.
Want to repair the cracks in your concrete sidewalk? Check. Wish to replace your asphalt driveway? Done. Can't seem to take care of your crushed stone/gravel/cobblestone/interlocking concrete pavers? We are here to help.
You don't need to play hopscotch with the puddles and potholes in your sidewalk or driveway. Let us help you repair your crumbling driveway.
Let's start by understanding why you should repair an uneven or cracked sidewalk in the first place:
As you can imagine, these kinds of services lie in the “No-Go” zone for homeowners with no prior experience in taking care of the home’s foundation. Not only will you need specialty tools but also a skilled team to lay the foundation right.
As they say, your home’s sidewalk and/or driveway is only as good as the professional who lays it in—and we couldn’t agree more. Book a consult with us, and let’s get your sidewalk sorted.


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Me and My Van Home Repair comes with 15+ years of experience, providing a wide area of specialty services such as painting, woodwork, lighting, drywall, flooring, tile installation, interior repairs, exterior wood repair, caulking, kitchen cabinets, and more. No job is too big or small for us. Get in touch for a free estimate.
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