Hanging Shelves

You cannot deny that ceiling hanging shelves can add a bit of extra to the looks and convenience of a home.

The shelves save space and act as the centrepiece of your home decoration.

As the nomenclature suggests, hanging shelves can hang items.

Usually, such shelves feature rope or chain hangings. You can either fix the hangings to the wall or hang them from a ceiling to create the suspension.

Hanging shelves can save space in your home. In addition, you can use the shelves to keep things like books, utensils, etc.

In addition, hanging shelves can provide extra storage space for stuff like wine racks and glass holders.

If you are contemplating buying hanging shelves, you should know that there are different types of such shelves.

So, you need to choose from the following:

  • Ceiling hanging shelves or bar gantry
  • Wall-hanging shelves
  • Chain hanging shelves
  • Rope hanging shelves
  • Wine glass hanging shelves
  • Hanging pan racks

Now, let us go through each of the options.

Ceiling Hanging Shelves/Bar Gantry

These hanging shelves are the perfect option if you are short on storage space and do not want to compromise the existing style of your home.

As you can figure from the name, these shelves allow suspension from the ceiling. And these hanging shelves can add to the beauty of the room.

Again, the advantage of these shelves is not limited to being hung from the ceiling. Additionally, you can hang them from the wall as well.

These shelves are perfect for smaller spaces.

Wall Hanging Shelves

If there is inadequate space to accommodate a fully-suspended shelf, wall-hanging shelves are the apt choice.

These shelves come in minimalistic styles. In addition, wall hanging shelves can give a more distinctive look, transforming your storage into something unique spectacle.

In addition, you can hang some wall-hanging shelf variants from the ceiling. So, such shelves can give you versatility when you move to a new place.

Chain Hanging Shelves

These shelves are excellent choices for rooms with stripped back. In addition, you can consider these shelves if you have metal accents in your room.

These hanging shelves come with long hanging chains.

Rope Hanging Shelves

You can choose rope-hanging shelves if you want to add a rustic impression to your home.

These shelves come with robust rope hangings to support the weight of the items you put on the shelves.

Wine Glass Hanging Shelves

These hanging glass shelves are distinguished by their elegance. And wine glass hanging shelves are an apt way to showcase your best glassware—moreover, these hanging shelves free spaces in your room.

These hanging shelves come in different styles. And the shelves are used to hang glassware.

In addition, some variants include wine glass hanging elements.


 Hanging Pan Racks

You will agree that stuff like pots and pans are among the most cumbersome stuff to store in your kitchen.

However, a way to effectively manage their storage is by installing hanging pan racks.

In addition to storing pots and pans, the racks add to the beauty of the kitchen.

Another benefit of these racks is that your non-stick pans will not get scratched when you store them in the racks.


The Advantages of Hanging Shelves

Hanging shelves not only save space but also add to the beauty of the room.

Unlike standard shelves, you can fix hanging shelves almost anywhere in the room—hang them from the ceiling or mount them on a wall.

Hanging shelves are less bulky, hence are lighter than the standard shelves. And that means you can get a sleek means of displaying and storing your items.

Due to the suspension feature, hanging shelves can put unused space to use. The shelves leave the walls free for tall furniture and cabinets. Moreover, you can easily access the hanging shelves.

Styling Hanging Shelves

Before installing hanging shelves in your home, look at the styles. So, you should try to curate the hanging shelves in a manner that works best for the space.

Again, you can also hire a company offering hanging shelves service in Mississauga to style the shelves.

You can install the shelves in any space–kitchen, hallway, garage, etc. And incorporating a blend of textures is one of the best ways to make the shelves aesthetically appealing.

Again, you can use stuff like beautiful stoneware to contrast elegantly with more rustic wooden utensils.

Another aspect of styling your hanging shelves is that you can use a blend of practical and decorative pieces.

Also, you can experiment with different styles by placing different items, such as books and kitchenware, alongside stuff, such as ornaments, trailing plants, and artwork.

Mounting Hanging Shelves

Remember, mounting hanging shelves is not a straightforward affair. So, you should consider a few factors before mounting hanging shelves.

If you mount a fully suspended shelf, you should fit it into plasterboard. In addition, you should ensure that you fit such shelves into stone, brickwork, wooden beams, metalwork or girders to prevent the walls and ceiling from damage.

The weight of the hanging shelf is the next thing to consider. You can use wall anchors to mount the shelves if you want to store heavy items on the shelves.

But, if you want to suspend lightweight items, you can use eye hooks or bolts.

Places for Hanging Shelves

Although you can install hanging shelves almost anywhere in your home, you can try out the following places:
The Kitchen

It is one of the places where more storage is necessary. And the installation of a ceiling-mounted shelf can help to store your kitchen items.

In addition, these hanging shelves can add to the beauty of your kitchen. You can style the hanging shelf with trailing plants, cookbooks and your best kitchenware to grab eyeballs.

 The Hallway

You can fix a hanging shelf in the hallway to store your wallet, keys, mail, etc.

The Bedroom

Fixing a hanging shelf to the wall or ceiling of your bedroom can entail convenience and good looks.

If you find difficulty finding a proper space for your hanging shelf, you can delegate the task to a company providing hanging shelves service in Mississauga.


Hanging shelves can add extra storage space to your home. In addition, the shelves create an excellent look to the interior.

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